tony's emergency animal shelter & rescue

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If you ask anyone in Puerto Rico what is the toughest challenge they face when helping people recover from Hurricane Maria they will probably say it’s Transportation. They need trucks.

I’m donating these 2 trucks and tools to repair homes and transport supplies. Air compressors nail guns saws hand tools ladders pressure washer garden hoses all bought and paid for by me and my family making a combine total of $100,000 in donations. I cannot afford to do any more on my own. I am not asking for myself but I need money for those that need help.


$6923.00 is needed to transport these 2 trucks and tools to Puerto Rico for use by volunteers to perform humanitarian relief aid. The excise tax is the costliest aspect and honestly the most infuriating (so don’t get me started).



Please donate today, if you need additional details of how to help please message me.

Love y’all, mean it.


I'm on the road and Rochelle is too. Wow what a day. Please check back when I have more time to update everyone. For now enjoy the pictures.


Love y'all mean it


I've stopped for a moment to update our followers. The photo below is of Freedom from Ryan Vizzions. Freedom is a very special dog to many of us because he was at deaths door when he was rescued and now lives a healthy comfortable life. Did we save Freedom or did Freedom save us?




We are still raising money to transport the trucks and tools to PR. Thank you Yvette Toledo for donating $20 and Britta Roller for donating $25 I love you both, thank you for your support.


A special thank you to James Bryan Caudill-Ritter for listening to my concerns and supporting our efforts. His company Pulse IT is investing time money and resources to help those helping others. I am eternally grateful for all he is doing but especially for being there when I needed to vent.


I also want to thank my family. I have been an emotional wreck lately. I left Puerto Rico with every intention of returning quickly to head up a FEMA contract only to have it stalled for a myriad of reasons. It has required me to change directions as I searched for alternative ways to help my island neighbors. I have never given up. I have never intentionally misled anyone and I never will. My mission continues thanks to the loving support of my family for without them I am nothing.


I love you guys and I will never give up on you, mean it.