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Immediately after Hurricane Maria and Irma hit Puerto Rico, Tony Alsup was there and has been for over a year, to assist in humanitarian operations. He found that the animals that were in the shelters were in major need of assistance, due to their being no electricity, no air conditioning in the blazing heat, no food and water or medical attention and with the shelters in shambles.  He began the mission with his ultimate goal of reuniting these animals with their families and worked with the shelters to nurse the animals back to health.  He realized that the best way that he could help, was to help those that were already helping.  He worked with large and small rescue groups and organizations to bridge the gap between the two of them with communications and transportation. With his CDL license, logistical experience and humanitarian heart, along with his love of people and animals, he was extremely successful in achieving his goals of reuniting displaced pets with their families and getting them out of harms way.  He began renting a fleet of cargo vans and trucks on the island of Puerto Rico but this method became unsustainable for a long term solution so he purchased a Ford F250 XL Super Duty Crew Cab in Miami and had it shipped over to Puerto Rico along with his personal truck and enough tools for a four man construction crew to build a house or kennels from the ground up.

Facing Hurricanes

Maria, Florence and Michael

During Hurricane Harvey that hit Texas, Tony became aware of the urgent need for pet transportation and offered his assistance through social media to transport animals and acquired a school bus that he modified with taking out the seats and installed a heavy duty AC system, having it licensed as a mobile kennel that he uses to transport to all 48 states in the lower continental US while following all FCC and USDA standards when transporting these animals as well as State and local rules. He has worked throughout Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico, SC, NC and has saved over 3000 lives.  We are currently dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Michael and Florence and are working throughout the panhandle, where we were forced to ride out the storm with a load of precious furry friends in the back of the bus.  We are in need of people like you to assist with donations to keep our operations going.

Every dog and cat at TEARS will be spayed or neutered prior to adoption!


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TEARS has played a key role in the rescue and adoption of thousands of homeless pets in our community since opening its door.


All cats and dogs are immunized, fixed, and loved!